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Liam's Story

Gut issues have caused Liam 14 years of discomfort and embarrassment. “At its worst, I’ve been admitted to hospital and given strong medication to help manage the pain,” Liam explains.

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Unpredictable and worsened by stress, the impact of the condition on Liam’s day-to-day life has been extreme. An active member of his local community, at just 19 Liam had to stop volunteering as a Police Community Support Officer. Liam explains, “as a Police Community Support Officer I had to be on my feet constantly, and it was a fast-paced job. It became impossible thanks to the unpredictability of my gut”.

Keeping active and socialising is important to Liam, but sadly the gut issues he has experienced have meant cancelling plans and missing out on important occasions, as well as absence from work.

Liam continues, “People don’t really understand how bad it is, and there can be a lack of empathy. It can be really embarrassing to explain to people what’s going on, especially when I have to cancel plans or call in sick to work.”

“I’ve tried literally everything to manage it. Different medications, diets, other lifestyle changes, and while I might get relief for a bit, nothing has worked as well as I’d like. I’ve been desperate to find something new that works and lets me live my life the way I want to,” Liam explains.

While other supplements and dietary changes have taken a lot longer to work, after just a few days of trying JUVIA, things began to change for Liam. “After only a couple of days the issues I usually experience improved significantly,” Liam says. “I normally have to be really careful with what I eat, and avoid all sorts of things but this weekend I had nachos and didn’t have a flare-up – that is a big change!”

Liam’s partner and mother have both noticed the difference in him. Liam says he feels, “lighter, confident and more free. Life is more manageable now.”

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