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How To Prepare Your Gut For Christmas

Everyone looks forward to Christmas. It’s a time for warm cheers and celebrating with those that truly matter to you. Sure, the presents are exciting; the excitement from the surprise of not knowing what you’ve got and seeing the joy on someone's face once they open your gift is priceless. 

If we are honest though, most people still do their shopping last minute even though they can do it online from the comfort of their home (or even their toilet seat), and despite the technological revolution, the gifts get less exciting every year (more socks, anyone?). 

If there is one part of Christmas that remains sacrosanct, it’s Christmas dinner. No one is too old to enjoy the festive eating and if we’re putting our cards on the table, it’s probably the part we most look forward to (and possibly regret). 

Now, no one wants to be a party pooper (in this case quite literally), but the overindulgence of Christmas does indeed need a health warning: if you're not careful, all that feasting can take a toll on your gut health. 

Even the most rigid dieters let their guard down at Christmas (and who can blame them), but the festive jollies can quite easily undo a lot of the hard work put in year-round, or worse, line your gut for a digestive armageddon. 

Ok, that might be a bit extreme, but you get the point. Here are a few tips to help you keep your gut in tip-top shape over the holiday season.  

Start with a healthy gut

If you know you’re going to overindulge and the chances are you do, then prepare your gut for the gluttonous assault. Try adopting a healthy diet during the weeks and months leading up to Christmas so the setback is not so great, and the consequences are not as severe. 

Remember to eat plenty of fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Foods like yogurt and sauerkraut are also believed to promote gut health, so they are worth including as a regular side dish. 

If possible, avoid processed foods, especially those containing artificial additives and sugar - your gut really doesn’t like them. 

Don't overdo it on the Christmas cookies, cakes, and pies

Santa isn’t the only person chomping down the pies, and while no Christmas will be complete without them, no one wants the aftermath that comes with feeding the bad bacteria living in your gut with its much-loved sugar. 

Sugar is probably the worst culprit in poor gut health. It really upsets the delicate balance in your gut microbiome and supercharges the bad bacteria by helping them to grow faster and hungrier. Remember, no one is saying not to enjoy the sweet stuff - just make sure to balance it out with healthy options too. 

Keep your water intake high

It's important to stay hydrated throughout the Christmas season, especially if you're indulging in alcohol and rich food. Drinking alcohol makes you use the toilet more, so it’s important to replace your fluids. That’s not an excuse to top up your wine glass, but we know you probably will. Just drink lots of water afterwards. 

Remember, your body uses water to make it easier to pass your stool. The more you eat, the more water you need to aid digestion and to go to the toilet. So, drink up and stay hydrated. 

A spoonful a day keeps the Gremlins away 

And by Gremlins we mean those nasty gut bacteria that cause havoc in your gut! JUVIA is a dietary supplement that breaks down carbohydrates before they reach your gut. This starves the bad bacteria of their much-loved sugary food. With all the bad bacteria dying off, it gives the good bacteria in your gut a fighting chance, helping them to form bigger colonies that overpower the bad bacteria. This may sound like a Marvel superhero plot, but it’s true. Your gut has its own ecosystem and it’s constantly defending itself from invading bad bacteria. 

JUVIA will help your gut win the war and so you can enjoy all the food you like without the negative consequences. So, make sure to stuff some JUVIA into your stockings, or someone else’s (Christmas is a time for sharing). 

Don't let stress ruin your holidays

No matter how much fun you have at Christmas, it’s rarely without some stress. 

Whether it comes from last-minute shopping, struggling to wrap presents up in a way that doesn’t look like you have claws, or because someone (not you of course) is taking a game of Monopoly far too seriously. 

Stress wreaks havoc on your gut health, so remember to take some time for yourself to relax. Make sure you get enough sleep (remember, Santa is watching) and do some exercise too.     

Drink alcohol in moderation

It’s hard to imagine Christmas without a glass of wine or your favorite liquor. After all, Christmas is about being merry and there is no easier way to find that merry spirit than through, well, a spirit. 

Unfortunately, that too comes at a price. Alcohol can irritate the lining of your stomach and lead to inflammation, which is a primary cause of issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A glass of wine or two with dinner probably won't hurt your gut, but downing several drinks in one sitting may cause problems. As always, moderation is best.

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