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Melissa enjoying her freedom at the beach

Melissa's Story

It’s been 20 years of gut issues for Melissa. She has had a number of investigations and tried different diets and remedies, but the discomfort and embarrassment continued. Melissa says that it can make her feel, “completely out of control.”

“On my bad days, I look six months pregnant and usually choose baggy clothes to hide the bloating,” Melissa says. It can be extreme and erratic, making it very difficult for Melissa to lead a normal life. Melissa adds, “it can be absolutely mortifying. I’ve been caught out before when I’ve been out and needed to find a toilet quickly. When it’s at its worst I just want to hide away.”

After years of battles without success, Melissa was sceptical about whether JUVIA would work for her. However, Melissa quickly noticed a significant improvement: “Every day before I started JUVIA I had issues, but that changed right away after I started the supplement.” 

Image of Melissa's face

Before Melissa started JUVIA, she had a long list of foods to avoid – she’s noticed improvements here, too. “I seem to be able to tolerate tricky foods I had to avoid before,” Melissa says.

Melissa’s husband works away from home during part of the working week, which means that weekends are a particularly precious to them. Before Melissa started JUVIA her issues often meant she felt unwell and needed to rest, rather than spend time with her husband. “It ruined so many occasions, but now I finally feel that I have my weekends with my family back again.”

Melissa and her dog in the garden

Almost immediately Melissa could go back to wearing her favourite clothes. “It’s amazing. I can just throw on jeans and a tee-shirt. I don’t have to second guess myself, or cover up, it’s so freeing,” Melissa explains.

“We are going on holiday in October, and for the first time in a very long time, I’m not worrying about my gut. I feel like I will finally be able to feel relaxed and enjoy my holiday” Melissa adds.

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