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Unlike probiotics, which attempt to introduce new bacteria, ERME (our unique, 100% natural ingredient) resets your gut by breaking down carbohydrates in the diet, starving the bad bacteria of food, allowing the good ones to thrive.

How it works
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Created as a result of decades of studies and cutting-edge scientific research carried out by our founders, world-leading Gastroenterologist, Professor John Hunter and expert gut scientist, Dr Rosemary Waring.

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Week 1

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Week 7

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transforming thousands of lives

Good, I take when needed and it’s has helped me so much, no more discomfort. Thank you

Suzette, Jun '23

I bought Juvia for my dad who is in his eighties...Juvia is the only product that's worked to relieve his symptoms. Its truly revolutionary. Try it now!

Bob, Jun '23

My Gastroenterologist recommended that I try this. I have suffered with chronic [gut issues] for many years ... This stuff has helped me SO much.

Emma, Jun '23

WHERE HAS JUVIA BEEN ALL MY LIFE??... omg, it's been an absolute blessing to both of us! ...KEEP GOING, IT'S SO WORTH IT!

Sophie, May '23

I really do rate JUVIA above all other formulas I have tried. I have definitely noticed feeling entirely different with huge improvement in my symptoms.

Catriona, May '23

Seems to have helped my gut issues really happy with the results

Grant, May '23

Juvia seemed to help my stomach issues.
I'm still continuing to use Juvia and would recommend to others that have similar issues.

Jon, May '23

I can honestly say that I now feel more comfortable than I have in years and I am starting very gradually to bring in more foods. I own a food marble device which measures the hydrogen and methane levels in your breath. Prior to using Juvia my hydrogen levels in the evening were always in the Amber or Red zones but now they never go into those zones they are always green and very low green at that.

Me Me, May '23

Easy to consume - I have it mixed with orange juice. The app reminds me to take it in the afternoons so I don't forget. Has helped my gut issues massively and I am feeling much better. I am able to be more active and live life to the fullest!

Ben, Apr '23

It’s my husband and stepdaughter that use this they both say it has certainly helped them.

Carole, Apr '23

Very satisfied with my purchase I feel a lot better...

T.Ben, Apr '23

Great, it's changed my life

Valeire, Apr '23

This product helped me so much with my gut since I started taking I feel brand new. My tummy feels better and my bowels is now moving so well I have not had my bowel move this well ever since I know myself.. Amazing stuff. Thank you

Peace, Apr '23

This product is life changing for me. I no longer have to live my social life around available lavatories.

B.Rowley, Apr '23

It started workings for me within days .My tummy is now feeling settled which is very rare !

Debra, Apr '23

I’ve really noticed a difference in my gut function and it seems to be helping regulate my stomach .

Petula, Apr '23

...I have previously suffered from troubled stomach and taking Juvia on a regular basis has lead to am improvement. I will continue to take daily and recommend to others...

Patricia, Mar '23

Juvia is incredible. I don't have any gut issues but I never realised that we could all benefit from a healthy microbiome. My energy levels and overall mood have improved MASSIVELY, and I noticed a big difference in my cycle too (no more sugar cravings, yay!). Juvia has also healed my boyfriend's IBS-D so we're both very happy with it. Highly recommend whether you have gut concerns or not!

Anna, Mar '23

Helped my stomach and me feel good. I felt healthier and more energetic.

Barbara, Mar '23

...Four weeks in I’m seriously impressed and will probably buy this for maintenance in the future.

Lynne, Mar '23

...I’m definitely seeing the benefits now so will be sticking with it.

Pam, Mar '23

Really very helpful to avoid food restrictions and eases symptoms considerably

Sue, Mar '23 has made such a significant difference that I will keep going through the maintenance phase.

J.H, Mar '23

It is very tasty, very easy to use.
Definitely feeling the benefit from taking this product.

Gail, Mar '23

Very easy ordering process and extremely efficient and helpful customer service.
Great product that also tastes good.

Tina, Mar '23

Bought this for my husband he seems to be a bit better he will keep using it 👍

Carole, Mar '32

I am now in the maintenance phase and I couldn't praise this product enough. Prior to taking Juvia I had cut all gluten out of my diet as I could not tolerate it. Now I've started to re introduce gluten and I'm having little to no symptoms at all. Prior to taking juvia my symptoms were a bloated and painful stomach, now I have no pain and hardly any bloating. I'm definitely impressed and pleased I started to take it.

Sarah, Feb '23

It has really improved my constipation.

Mrs Bonner, Feb '23

I have only been taking it for 4 weeks but have found a big improvement in my health

Tracey, Feb '23

This was bought for my step daughter who says it seems to be working as she’s had no episodes of been in pain like she use to.

Carole, Jan '23

It is amazing has sorted out so many problems

Mrs Bonner, Dec '22

This product is amazing, it's help me so much, with my IBS, I was taking 3 tablets a day every day, and also missing a lot of my favourite foods, since taking this product it's changed my live,no longer do I take tablets, but i,m now able to eat the foods I love, so would recommend you try this product it's brilliant.

Valeire, Sep '22


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