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Customer reviews

Don't just take our word for it, see what other customers are saying.

Customer reviews over the past year...

"Arrived really quickly, great communication, only been taking for a week but feel a lot more energised, stomach still bloating a bit but everything takes time"

Sarah, Mar '24

"Fantastic company. Product tasted lovely, easy to add to food/drinks or just take on its own. It sadly didn’t address my problem which is cute being investigated by hospital tests, and company gave me full refund as per their terms. Can’t fault them. 5*"

Lindsey, Mar '24

"Juvia has helped my immunity by raising my previously low white cell levels which I have struggled with over the last four years due to poor gut health. Customer service is very good and they are quick to respond to any questions you have. Juvia is definitely a benefit for me."

Geoff, Feb '24

"Miracle product. Zero to minimal bloating now! If I don’t take it (maintenance stage now) for 2 days I get bloated again. Although that does also depend on my stress levels! And if I’ve strayed from the FODMAP diet too.
Products always arrives next day too!"

E, Feb '24

"Delivery is on time. Service excellent. Product excellent. My daughter has been on Juvia for about 10 weeks. It took about a month to notice a difference but it's definitely helping her."

Brown, Feb '24

"I never thought I would ever stumble across anything like JUVIA! This has been a gift to my gut health as I suffer from gallstones and as a result IBS symptoms which has been a struggle for me for so long but JUVIA has solved my problems! I no longer feel excruciating stomach pain and don’t have to worry about food I eat every single meal. It also tastes good kind of like a malt drink. I have used it just over a week now but am already feeling much better 👌🏽😊"

Aji, Feb '24

Dee on a ladder painting

Dee's story

"There was a detox effect for about 3 days, so it got worse before it got better, but then I noticed a marked improvement in gut health”.

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"I have always had to watch what i eat as certain foods can cause an irritations to my stomach, but since taking Juvia my stomach feels amazing."

Dina, Jan '24

"I started using Juvia 3 months ago to alleviate stomach pain, nausea, and [other gut issues] that persisted despite normal test results. After a few weeks of taking Juvia, I experienced significant relief - my stomach pain disappeared, and [gut issues] and nausea improved noticeably. I temporarily stopped Juvia. during Christmas, and my symptoms returned, but resuming daily intake brought back the positive effects. I recommend Juvia yo others ; Its been a game-changer for me."

Carolina, Jan '24

"I've read all the extremely helpful information on the website and I like the 'personal' messages of encouragement from Professor Hunter and clarity of the effects of Juvia on the gut. I loved hearing the personal story of Professor Hunter's P.A who took Juvia before it was formulated for human consumption when it was only for horses with indigestion problems."

Maureen, Jan '24

Geli's story

"JUVIA changed my life in the sense that I don’t have to wake up so early just so I can use the toilet and get everything out before I start my day so I don’t have to worry about using the toilet when I go out"

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"I’ve been off gluten and dairy for years ...I’ve been taking Juvia for over 2 months and it’s a game changer. I’m back eating everything and [gut issues] have stopped. I will continue using every day and highly recommend it."

Kathy, Dec '23

"Great product, missed a week and won't do that again, it definitely makes a difference to my bloated tummy and heartburn and, I have lost a little weight."

Flo, Dec '23

"Fantastic I can't believe it I have struggled for over 30 year I have tried everything. This works I'm amazed."

Kimberley, Nov '23

"This company has been outstanding , very good communication , the app is great so you don’t forget to order and if you want to speak to someone the customer care is the fastest I’ve ever known , I had a question and sent it on the Saturday night expecting to hear back in the week but I already had a response by the time I woke up Sunday morning . I do believe in the next 5 years Juvia will be a household name because using natural remedy’s that coincide with your body instead of nasty chemicals from big pharma company’s is the way forward"

Adam, Nov '23

"So I have no pain anymore. I used to be buckled over and full of discomfort unable to move around with [gut issues]. I would often go days unable to go to the toilet. Since then I have regular movements, the pain is gone and my tummy is a part of my body I can move again. Juvia has been a fundamental part of healing for my gut and I’m so very glad to have found it."

Natasha, Nov '23

Melissa and her dog in the garden

Melissa's story

“We are going on holiday in October, and for the first time in a very long time, I’m not worrying about my gut. I feel like I will finally be able to feel relaxed and enjoy my holiday"

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"A wonderful product and a lifesaver for people suffering with IBS and gut issues. I have tried so many products over the last 20 years and nothing has given relief except for Juvia. Bloating and all other symtoms eased within 24 hours of starting the product and many weeks later it is still working so well. I am truly grateful for it. The company also has excellent customer service."

Bridget, Oct '23

"So much better than all these generic wellness supplements or probiotics, I never felt a difference with them. With Juvia my energy levels are better than before, my sleep has improved and I don't get cravings for sweet things as much as I used to. Big thumbs up from me!"

Sabrina, Oct '23

"I suffered with gut ache for years doctor said it was I b s gut ache stopped after 4dayof taking it I have been taking it for 22 days now ache has not returned ?
Juvia is really great 👍"

Alan, Oct '23

"I received the goods very quickly. It was very pleasant to take. My digestive system seems to have settled down and I feel more confident about eating different foods."

Gail, Oct '23

"Juvia is making an enormous difference to my life, I don’t have constant anxiety when I go out! also your staff are very helpful and prompt in their replies. Thank you so much."

Sue, Oct '23

Robyn holding a bottle of JUVIA

Robyn's story

Robyn had been experiencing gut trouble for about 3 years, but since taking JUVIA, she has been able to get her life back on track and trail as the true adventurer that she is.

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"Juvia has proved life changing for me. After years of debilitating IBSd, having tried everything my doctor could suggest, and what feels like every supplement on the market, Juvia is the ONLY one to help. I am 99.9% better. I can't live without it. Just hope it continues to work this well. Thank you for making this amazing product !"

Louise, Sep '23

"Great product, took a few weeks to start seeing the benefits but I can honestly say I feel so much better!! Thank you!"

Lucy, Sep '23

"The product information backed by clinical specialists and research evidence based results was a key determinant in my decision to to try Juvia.
The support and monitoring is at a good level with informative website.
Half way through my rebalancing treatment I can say without reservation that Juvia has delivered on all claims.
Having experienced IBS for 20 years I can now report that I feel so much better with normal stools on a once a day frequency.
I have no hesitation in recommending this amazing product."

Lin, Sep '23

"Have noticed a difference already, definitely less bloating and opening my bowels regularly which hasn’t happened in years causing me much discomfort and nervous to go out, thank you so much xx"

Deborah, Sep '23

Sarah holding a bottle of JUVIA

Sarah's story

We are always keen to understand how JUVIA has impacted the lives of our users. Today, we hear from Sarah, who has suffered from gut trouble since she was a teenager.

Read Sarah's story

"I'm finding that Juvia combined with calorie controlled whole food plant-based diet is helping me heal my gut, digest food better and hopefully aid my [gut issues] in the long term. Juvia has been an essential support throughout my Chemotherapy journey, helping to calm and rebalance my gut post chemo sessions. I've got my daughter and some friends with [gut issues] onto Juvia too!"

Jillian, Aug '23

"I am so far very very impressed with Juvia. I have had bowel trouble for many years...Since starting Juvia my bowels have become regular without bloating or pain, totally amazing. It is also so soothing on the throat and stomach."

Della, Aug '23

"I did as much research as I could before investing in Juvia. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith and gave it a go.

After years of stomach problems I started on Juvia about 2 months ago. I noticed an improvement after about 3 weeks. I did have a couple of days of intermittent cramping but nothing terrible. Since then, and since being on the maintenance dose, I've been very happy with the results and it finally feels like my stomach is functioning normally after the first time in a long, long time...
I'm genuinely very happy with Juvia, and I'm so glad I took the leap of faith."

Emma, Aug '23

"Thank you Juvia!! I had tried all sorts of things with my 10 year old daughter who has struggled terribly with bad stomach pains and constipation for the past two years. I’ve had hospital appointments full of negative tests, cut out dairy, gluten and tried low FODMAP, used vitamins and probiotics, but nothing had helped and my lovely girl had been left sad and in pain.

We are now at the end of week 5 after taking 1 teaspoon with breakfast and another with her evening meal and for the past week her tummy has been the best it’s been in a very long time and she is going to the toilet every day without any issues.

Juvia has been an absolute game changer for us and I can’t thank you enough. Long may it continue!"

Suzanne, Aug '23

"Awesome customer service - quick responses that felt very authentic and human! I had a digestive issue that disappeared literally the day Juvia arrived so I no longer needed to use it, they processed my refund very quickly and were very understanding about everything! I wouldn't hesitate to spend money with these guys if the situation ever called for it again."

Kei, Aug '23

Tacha smiling

Tacha's story

Today, we hear from Tacha, a wonderful lady that for a while enjoyed physical activities like dance, trapeze, and sports, but who unfortunately had to take a step back from her favourite activities because of tummy trouble. 

Read Tacha's story

"I find it tasty and palatable to take and within two days my gut motility had improved...Very happy to keep on taking it."

Gill, Jul '23

"This is really good stuff, makes me feel young again, I have it when needed, very beneficial to me glad to have JUVIA in my life 😊 I’m even getting better bought sleep. Will definitely ordering again. Thank you"

Suzette, Jul '23

"Juvia has been a fantastic help and I would not be without it."

Miranda, Jul '23

"I am feeling a great deal better and now have new confidence going out and not having accidents! Juvia’s backup is very reassuring"

Sue, Jul '23

Janet standing in a park

Janet's story

"I feel completely different since I’ve started taking JUVIA. After a couple of weeks, the cramping and urgency to rush to the toilet completely disappeared. Feeling more comfortable was amazing, but not needing to go to the loo all the time transformed my life. I could begin to plan a honeymoon that I could have only dreamed of during the height of my symptoms"

Read Janet's story

"I was looking for a natural product to help my digestive system and was very impressed by Professor Hunter & Dr Waring's intro and love taking Juvia. I am starting week 3 of the 6-week rebalancing programme and everything seems to be working well. I find it very easy to take and have grown use to its taste and am happy to drink it or to pour over my soaked oats in the morning."

Sarah, Jun '23

"Brilliant product from my experience. I read about Juvia after having [gut] symptoms for the first time and I was ready to try anything. I am so pleased that I did as I saw an improvement within a few days. I have now been taking it for 3 months and not had any recurring symptoms. I was worried it would raise my blood sugar but I saw a reduction so I will continue to take it long term."

LL, Jun '23

"I took the recommended dose for the first few days and experienced some pretty horrible symptoms. After about 4 days it was getting easier. I had much fewer symptoms my bowels were regular, much less painful and little in the way of bloating. Now I have no pain and virtually no bloating. I have experimented with the dosage and now find 3 weeks in, like the lady in the video, one desert spoon once a day is keeping me feeling so much better than I have been in a very long time cramps"

Bonzo, Jun '23

"I bought Juvia for my dad who is in his eighties. He's had [gut issues] for 20 years and has tried so many drugs and supplements. Juvia is the only product that's worked to relieve his symptoms. Its truly revolutionary. Try it now!"

Bob, Jun '23

"My Gastroenterologist recommended that I try this. I have suffered with chronic [gut issues] for many years ... This stuff has helped me SO much."

Emma, Jun '23

"WHERE HAS JUVIA BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? I have awful [gut issues] and my partner has [gut issues] and I bought Juvia for myself as a last resort to see if anything would help my gut and omg, it's been an absolute blessing to both of us! I don't know how it helps ... but it DOES!!

One tip I'll give, don't worry if you don't notice it at first or have a bit of detox. My partner and I had completely different experiences but after a few weeks it just all fell into place. KEEP GOING, IT'S SO WORTH IT!"

Sophie, May '23

"Juvia has helped my [gut issues] and made it possible to eat things I could not before taking it. I find I need to take it often 3 times a day. However if this works I am happy.! I was recommended it and ordered it at once. "

Miranda, May '23

"I really do rate JUVIA above all other formulas I have tried. I have definitely noticed feeling entirely different with huge improvement in my symptoms. At first I was very sceptical about how sweet it was and couldn’t believe that could be good? I still wonder …. But dare I say it I am comparing it to Symprove which I have been on for at least six months and never felt much improvement or difference in my condition - JUVIA has changed my life!"

Catriona, May '23

"I have major digestive issues and intolerances and I mean major. There is very little that I can eat without discomfort. I tried Juvia and I have to say, that it also gave me problems but I was determined to persevere. I continued with Juvia but at a much lower dose than recommended. I stuck at one teaspoon a day for about two months any more gave me problems. Eventually I managed to increase to a dessert spoon per day and I have stuck at that for the last four months. I can honestly say that I now feel more comfortable than I have in years and I am starting very gradually to bring in more foods. I own a food marble device which measures the hydrogen and methane levels in your breath. Prior to using Juvia my hydrogen levels in the evening were always in the Amber or Red zones but now they never go into those zones they are always green and very low green at that. I haven’t tried any foods that were a real problem for me yet but there is definitely improvement and it’s given me hope that in time even some of those foods might be possible for me to eat again."

Me Me, May '23

"In October 2021 I was diagnosed with [a severe gut issue]. The next 6 months saw me in and out of hospital, suffering from a severe flare up and unable to find a drug that worked - I tried biologics, immunsuppresentants and steroids. I lost my independence, had to quit my job, move back in with my parents and became too anxious to leave the house. I wasn't able to sleep at night and no matter what food I tried, everything was painful to digest and I saw no improvement in my condition. It wasn't until May 2022 that I was introduced to Juvia. Juvia did for me what none of the western medicine could. After using regularly for even 3 days I started to see an improvement. I was in less pain, I was sleeping better and my sense of urgency improved too. I was starting to feel in control again. After two months of regular use I was no longer experiencing painful reflux and nausea. Although I'm not in remission yet I am one step closer and have a lot to thank this product for. I am SO grateful for finding Juvia and I couldn't possibly imagine what my recovery would have looked like without this."

Megan, May '23

Liam happy and free

Liam's story

“I normally have to be really careful with what I eat, and avoid all sorts of things but this weekend I had nachos and didn’t have a flare-up – that is a big change!”

read liam's story

"This product is certainly effective... it is certainly helping me to have more solid bowel movements and less rushing to the loo."

Julie, Apr '23

"I’ve really noticed a difference in my gut function and it seems to be helping regulate my stomach."

Petula, Apr '23

"I’ve been taking Juvia now for approx 5 weeks and instead of taking twice a day have now gone down to taking once per day. I have been feeling ok no tummy pains or urgency going to the loo ... I’m about to order my second lot and if I carry on feeling like I do now would recommend it."

Jacqueline, Apr '23

"This product helped me so much with my gut since I started taking I feel brand new. My tummy feels better and my bowels is now moving so well I have not had my bowel move this well ever since I know myself. Amazing stuff. Thank you"

Peace, Apr '23

"This product is life changing for me. I no longer have to live my social life around available lavatories. When I use the toilet my motions are formed and not explosive... "

B.R, Apr '23

"Easy to consume - I have it mixed with orange juice. The app reminds me to take it in the afternoons so I don't forget. Has helped my gut issues massively and I am feeling much better. I am able to be more active and live life to the fullest!"

Ben, Apr '23

"Juvia is incredible. I don't have any gut issues but I never realised that we could all benefit from a healthy microbiome. My energy levels and overall mood have improved MASSIVELY, and I noticed a big difference in my cycle too (no more sugar cravings, yay!)...Highly recommend whether you have gut concerns or not!"

Anna, Mar '23

"Juvia has led to a reduction in gas - a significant reduction. I started from a position of having to go to the loo 12 times a day, including one to two at night to mostly deal with gas and bile and small amounts of poo. Now that is down to half with the most of these in the afternoon. Most nights are also now free of having to get up, so sleep quality is much has made such a significant difference that I will keep going through the maintenance phase."

J.H, Mar '23

"As someone who has struggled ... for years and more recently has been suffering with really debilitating long Covid it seemed sensible to try to rebalance my gut. When this product was recommended to me, I was hesitant having tried so very many products before to no avail. However within just a month, my symptoms have definitely settled and my bowel movements are regular and my bloating is far less and I can't remember when I last suffered from cramping - which is a massive result in my case."

Sarah-Jayne, Mar '23

"Helped my stomach and me feel good. I felt healthier and more energetic."

Barbara, Mar '23

"Juvia is incredible. I don't have any gut issues but I never realised that we could all benefit from a healthy microbiome. My energy levels and overall mood have improved MASSIVELY, and I noticed a big difference in my cycle too (no more sugar cravings, yay!)...Highly recommend whether you have gut concerns or not!"

Anna, Mar '23

"I have been taking Juvia for 6 months. I have noticed great results. To reinforce the treatment I even took a one month sabbatical to see if I regressed to how I use to feel. Needless to say I have been back on Juvia ever since."

Paul, Mar '23

Tony's story

"JUVIA hasn’t just saved Christmas for me, but for everyone now fortunate enough to be in my company. I can now do a 'pull-my-finger' joke without clearing the room."

read tony's story

"I’ve had some really ‘odd’ food intolerances for a number of years. My gluten free breakfast cereal with fruit, nuts and almond milk can give me blisters in my mouth and a stabbing pain in my shoulder but not every time I eat it. Whilst other foods cause constipation, fluid retention and fatigue. About 2 weeks into taking Juvia, I was passing a full and satisfying bowel motion every day! My energy levels are much better and I have lost a pound or 2. I still get the mouth ulcers and shoulder pain but only when I forget to take Juvia with my breakfast! Not only am I seeing the health benefits but I love the taste!!"

Ali, Feb '23

"I have a gluten intolerance, and I started using Juvia and felt that it has really helped me. If i take Juvia I can now eat pasta and bread with wheat without getting the gut problems that I was getting before. I am going to continue to use Juvia - what a breakthrough! I recommend this to people who have gluten intolerances."

Rupert, Feb '23

"This is an amazing product, a total game changer. I had suffered..for six years and this totally natural and affordable product cured me in 3 weeks. I had been to see specialists, tried the FODMAP diet, cut out various food groups. All so boring and non effective.Thank you so much for developing Juvia 🙏. I can now eat what I like with no negative consequences 😋 👏👍"

Fleur, Feb '23

"This product is the one I've been searching for for years. Absolutely amazing! Customer service is second to none and they respond immediately to any problems. I was unfortunate to have my parcel stolen from my doorstep and they replaced it straightaway. Brilliant company... very happy customer!"

Penny, Jan '23

"My teenage daughter has suffered...for over 5 years. We do not know what caused this but suspect that multiple rounds of antibiotics for her acne when she was 12/13 years old compromised her gut microbiome. She has tried numerous prebiotics, probiotics, supplements, done breath tests, stool samples etc but nothing has made a huge difference. Last year, her gastroenterologist prescribed the strongest possible laxatives and even these failed to shift her chronic constipation. A strict low fodmap diet helped with the bloating and nausea but every attempt to come off the diet ended in failure as the symptoms came back again very quickly. Her gastro told us about Juvia a few months ago and suggested that she should give it a's been a life changing product. After just a couple of weeks, her stomach issues disappeared and for the first time in 5 years she's been able to eat a completely normal diet with no bloating or pain after meals. She is ecstatic to be off the low fodmap diet! Her constipation is also much improved, and she no longer has to take a cocktail of different laxatives every day. I hope that other people will have as much success with it as my daughter has had..."

HRP, Jan '23

"This product is absolutely amazing...I have suffered from badly for over 5 years. All other attemps to fix my tummy eg following the FODMAPS diet , going Keto cutting out wheat had not been sustainable. The app is simple and helpful and the customer service and support is fantastic. I can,t thank you enough for developing this product. I have my health and life back thanks to Juvia."

Fleur, Jan '23

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