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“A Lifeline At A Time of Despair” - Sarah’s Story

After hearing Sarah’s story it’s easy to appreciate that gut trouble can come from anywhere and wreak havoc in your system. The good news is that no matter the unlikely source, JUVIA has proven to be a useful aid in helping people to find their way back to a sense of normality.

As always we asked Sarah a series of questions to shed some light on her experience before trying JUVIA, and this is what she told us…

How long have you been experiencing gut trouble?

“Only two months!”

What do you think triggered it?

“I contracted a parasite while travelling to the USA. At first, I thought it was food poisoning, but my symptoms persisted for over 8 weeks. I never really suffered from stomach upsets before then”.

What are your symptoms?

“A very upset tummy. I often felt weak and unable to function normally”.

How has this affected you in everyday life?

“It made me sad because I have not been able to be a mum to my daughter for the past 8 weeks. It has caused me a lot of anxiety and I was worried about long-term damage to my gut. I wondered if I would ever be ‘normal’ again”.

Also, I work in the community, so I have had to manage my home visits around eating and potentially needing the toilet”.

What is the hardest thing about having gut issues?

“Feeling afraid to go places and do things. It was hard to make plans because I worried about having a ‘bad day’. I often worried about travelling long distances in case I could not find access to a toilet”.

How long after taking JUVIA did you notice a difference?

“Initially, I noticed a difference within the first week, but I had a blip with some medication prescribed by the GP. I stopped taking the medication because it caused my symptoms to flare up. I also got a little ahead of myself and overloaded with some of my trigger foods, which gave me a bad couple of days. I took a more sensible approach to balance my gut and I continue to feel better and more confident. I am slowly able to reintroduce my favourite foods again and enjoy a normal diet”.

How easy has it been to incorporate JUVIA into your everyday life?

“It is extremely easy. I take it in a shot of water and down it in one. I even take some with me in a little bottle when eating out”.

If you could describe your experience of JUVIA in one sentence, what would it be?

“JUVIA has been a lifeline for me when I felt such despair”.

Final Thoughts

Sarah’s story is quite unique in that her symptoms were brought on by an infectious parasite. What is not unique is the result that JUVIA brings to those that suffer from tummy trouble. JUVIA is helping people all around the world to rebalance their gut microbiomes so they can eat a normal diet filled with the foods they love and enjoy, all the while improving their gut health.

If you suffer from gut trouble or know someone that is, then give them the gift of freedom today by sharing Sarah’s story and the many like it.

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