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Janet and her husband getting married

“I can finally have a honeymoon, thanks to JUVIA” - Janet’s story

For most people, finding the person of their dreams is the hard part, but Janet managed to land her dream man, who wasted no time in asking her to marry him. The difficulty Janet had was being unable to travel or make any kind of plan that involved leaving the house for too long, all because of the plight of having a hypersensitive gut. 

If she ate the wrong thing, Janet would be racing toward the toilet with an urgency that made the thought of wearing a wedding dress and walking down the aisle seem like a nightmare to be avoided. 

A few weeks before the wedding

Thankfully, Janet discovered JUVIA in time and after a few short weeks of trying it, she was able to plan both her wedding and her honeymoon, and she did so with excitement. 

In Janet’s own words: “I feel completely different since I’ve started taking JUVIA. After a couple of weeks, the cramping and urgency to rush to the toilet completely disappeared. Feeling more comfortable was amazing, but not needing to go to the loo all the time transformed my life. I could begin to plan a honeymoon that I could have only dreamed of during the height of my symptoms”.

Life before JUVIA

Before JUVIA, things were very different for Janet. She described her life as being very uncomfortable. 

Janet said: “The unpredictability of my issues was very difficult and made me feel quite panicky, especially when you’re planning such an important event. I also didn’t think I would be able to go on honeymoon after our wedding, because my tummy made travelling difficult, which was devastating”.

Janet explained that before JUVIA she had to think about her tummy all the time and she could never be too far from the toilet. Having to worry and second guess when she might flare up next was exhausting and debilitating. 

Future plans for Janet

Now that Janet has her gut under control she has the freedom to make travel plans again and her new husband is excited about whisking her away for their dream honeymoon, and the travel plans won’t stop there with Janet’s newfound freedom. 

Janet said “After years of avoiding all travel, being able to celebrate my marriage with a honeymoon was something I had dreamed of but didn’t think was possible. JUVIA has given me the freedom to travel without worry. For the first time in a long time, I was able to truly relax and not think twice about my gut issues.”

This is a truly inspiring and happy story and here at JUVIA we are delighted to have made such a difference in Janet’s life. Sadly, Janet is not alone in experiencing such uncomfortable issues that take hold of people’s lives. The good news is that JUVIA is here to help everyone, so we are on a mission to spread the word, happiness and freedom so that more people can feel free in 2023. 

If you haven’t tried JUVIA yet, make sure to give it a go and don’t forget to share the good news with everyone you know who suffers from tummy trouble. They will certainly thank you for it. 

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