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“My stomach grumbles so loud it sounds like a fart” - Dee’s Story

Every now and again we like to interview our users and share their experiences. 

Today, we are sharing Dee’s experience. Dee is a massage therapist that has battled with gut trouble for as long as he can remember. 

Dee says that his discomfort has increased over the years and he had little success in managing the issues before trying JUVIA. 

How did you manage your issues before JUVIA? 

 “I found if I had a very limited diet, it helped a bit, but that was never sustainable”.

Before JUVIA, Dee’s main solution was to eliminate problem ingredients, but this meant missing out on some of his favourite foods, like bread. 

Unfortunately, Dee wasn’t able to hold back for long and always reverted back to eating the foods he enjoyed with the consequence of discomfort. 

What is the hardest thing about having gut issues?

“At times my stomach grumbles so loud it sounds like a fart. That can be embarrassing. Also, having to withhold farting in social situations causes moderately severe cramps and bloating”.

Dee said that his gut issues were particularly an issue with his work. Being a massage therapist meant that he often had to hold back from farting in front of clients, which often led to stomach cramps and discomfort throughout the day. 

Dee also teaches yoga, but there are certain poses that put a strain on his abdomen, which causes him to fart. For this reason, he does not teach or include those poses in his classes. For many years, Dee felt quite limited because of his gut troubles. 

If you no longer had to worry about gut issues, what would you look forward to most in life?

“I would most look forward to not having a bloated stomach and cramps”.

This is very telling. If the thing you look forward to most is not having to experience something, one can only imagine how much discomfort Dee was enduring. Without any doubt, many of our readers and users will be able to relate to Dee’s experience, but those that have never experienced this won’t fully appreciate how debilitating gut trouble can be.

The good news is that Dee no longer experiences gut trouble and is now able to enjoy his favourite foods without concern. 

If you could describe your experience of JUVIA in 1-2 words, what would they be?

"Surprisingly effective".

Dee said he has been taking JUVIA for about two months now and with great success, but because of his busy lifestyle he sometimes forgets to take it and his symptoms re-emerge after a while, which reminds him to reach for his JUVIA bottle. 

It’s important to remember that JUVIA works by breaking down the problematic carbohydrates before they get to the gut, which means your gut doesn’t have to work so hard. Another benefit is that it starves the unfriendly bacteria of its food source, which lets the good bacteria dominate your gut microbiome. This means it won’t be an issue if you forget to take your JUVIA every once and a while, but longer periods will tip your gut microbiome out of balance again, so it’s important to maintain JUVIA as a healthy habit.

How long did it take before you noticed a difference?

“About 5 days”. 

Everyone notices the difference in their own time. Some people feel the benefits right away, whereas others require a few weeks. Please keep going with your JUVIA routine even if you experience detox or feel nothing at all for a while.

How was your experience with JUVIA

“Well, there was a detox effect for about 3 days, so it got worse before it got better, but then I noticed a marked improvement in gut health”.

It is quite normal to experience some discomfort during the early phase because your gut is rebalancing itself. Fortunately, this period doesn’t last for very long and afterwards, you are free to enjoy all of your favourite foods and activities without worry. Don’t worry, it is not any more uncomfortable than the regular symptoms you experience when eating problematic foods, so it is definitely worth it. 

Dee says that he enjoys JUVIA with orange juice and he is able to do all the things that he couldn’t thanks to JUVIA. 

Team JUVIA would like to thank Dee for sharing his story. We hope it encourages others to give JUVIA a try, so they can enjoy feeling free in 2023 (you like how that rhymes, right?). 

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