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Nick with his dog in the garden

“A Little Bottle Of Magic” - Nick’s Story

We all know that dinner time can be a delightful treat, something to look forward to with zest, especially if we are sharing the experience with friends.

Unfortunately, for those who suffer from gut issues, dinner time, and especially meals out, can be a daunting torturous event. Nick’s story highlights the discomfort he experienced when having to decide whether to miss out completely by not attending social functions; or miss out partially by attending, but restricting his food choices to bland salad-type meals, or to eat the foods he loves and suffer the consequences later.

Luckily for Nick, he found JUVIA and now he happily sits with the eaters in ‘team enjoy’ rather than in ‘team suffer’.

We asked Nick about his experience with JUVIA and this is what he said.

How long have you had gut issues?

“About 3-4 years”.

What normally triggers it?

“High-carb meals. Bready stuff like pizza, pasta and legumes”.

When you have a flair-up, what kind of symptoms do you have?

“Bloating, gas and constipation are the main ones, and stomach pains after eating high-carb meals”.

Which foods do you miss the most?

“Pizza, burgers, and pasta”.

What’s the hardest thing about having gut issues?

“Feelings of missing out on great food when out with friends”

How do your gut issues affect you when travelling?

“I would need to travel with my own food at times”.

Do your gut issues affect your work; If so, how?

“I often need to prepare my own food rather than go out with colleagues to eat.”

Can you give an example of when your gut issues affected you socially?

“I went out with a group of friends for a birthday celebration. Of course, it was a swanky Italian restaurant. Italian food is like my kryptonite. I felt tight and tense before we even got there.

The place had been booked for weeks. I didn’t mention my gut issues to anyone as I didn’t want to be a nuisance. I found myself thinking: What do I do? Eat the food and suffer afterwards, or just order a salad and be hungry later?

Although the atmosphere of the party was light and jovial, this was not a fun night for me. Unfortunately, the food issue always makes me feel small and unwelcome”.

How did you manage your symptoms before JUVIA?

“Not very well. I would try and avoid them, but at times it was hard, like when going out for food with friends”.

After taking JUVIA, how long was it before you noticed a difference?

“Around 2-3 weeks”.

What change did you notice after taking JUVIA?

“It made going out for meals a joy again. I take JUVIA with me and I am so happy to have my little magic bottle with me. Curious friends asked what it was and I happily explained that it allowed me to enjoy great food again and be more social without worrying about stomach pains afterwards”.

How easy is it to fit JUVIA into your life?

“It’s so easy; I just mix it with some water and have it before or after a meal, simple”.

If you could describe JUVIA in one sentence, what would it be?

“My little magic bottle of joy!”.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Nick turned his kryptonite-Italian food into joy again and all it took was his “little magic bottle” of JUVIA. Hearing how others are able to regain their social lives and connect with the people and experiences they love, empowers us on our mission to restore unhappy guts back to their former glory.

Everyone deserves the right to live and eat freely and in comfort and JUVIA aspires to make that a reality for everyone. Gut health is the fastest-growing area of scientific interest as far as health is concerned and for good reason.

If you haven’t tried JUVIA yet give it a go. Your gut will thank you for it. And, if you know someone who is suffering quietly from gut issues, share Nick’s story and give them the joy of freedom today.

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