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Our founders developed JUVIA based on their work and many decades of studying the gut. They are:

  • Professor John Hunter - emeritus Physician and Gastroenterologist, Consultant in Nutrition and author of the book “Irritable Bowel Solutions”
  • Dr Rosemary Waring - Honorary Reader in Human Toxicology

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Prof. Hunter has been published in:

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Over the last 10 years, 15 studies have been undertaken on our ingredient, ERME, all with consistent results.

The research that has led to JUVIA was the first to establish that when the gut doesn’t digest carbohydrates properly, it can lead to the growth of unhealthy gut flora and this imbalance can cause issues in the gut.

For more information on our research, please visit our Healthcare Professionals page.

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Studies have shown that ERME supports:

  • The diversification of gut bacteria (which improves the capability and resilience of the gut)
  • An increase in valuable bacteria, particularly those that produce butyrate (important for cells of the gut wall) and those that have an anti-inflammatory response 
  • A significant decrease in the toxic chemicals in your gut
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JUVIA is not a probiotic. Instead of introducing new bacteria into your body, our supplement works with your unique gut flora and helps your good bacteria thrive.

Our active ingredient ERME consists of a range of enzymes, including amylases and glucanases, which help to break down carbohydrates. Digestive enzymes are vital in helping you to break down food so your digestive system can absorb them. 

These carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and other simple carbohydrates early on in your digestive process, and provide energy.

This means that there’s a lot less carbohydrates in your lower gut for the 'bad' bacteria to feed on and cause digestive troubles. When the 'bad' bacteria die off, a balance is reached in the microbiome and you're free to live your life without worries.

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The human gut is full of billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi, which are collectively known as ‘the microbiome’. 

The bacteria help to regulate the immune system and protect against other bacteria that cause diseases. They also help to digest food, breaking it down (’fermenting’ it) to small molecules that are used for energy and metabolism. 

If too much carbohydrate is present or if the breakdown is inefficient (‘malfermentation’), then ‘bad’ bacteria thrive, producing toxic chemicals which irritate your gut. This unbalanced microbiome is thought to be linked with a number of health problems, including obesity, diabetes, immune function and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

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Dr Anthony Hobson

What other gut experts are saying

“This is a fascinating and dynamic area of research. We are just uncovering the role that gut health plays in so many health conditions. The evidence is showing that ERME (the main ingredient in JUVIA) works differently to other products by breaking down the carbohydrates before they hit the gut and cause problems. It makes sense that people are feeling the impact of this in reduction of digestive issues.”

- Dr Anthony Hobson, Clinical Director & Senior Clinical GI Scientist

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JUVIA is where science meets nature in a groundbreaking gut supplement. Its secret weapon? ERME, our unique ingredient that helps break down carbohydrates before they cause any mischief in your gut.

ERME is derived from 100% sustainable barley and is completely natural. It also contains a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, including B12. Good for the planet, good for your wellbeing and good for your gut.

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If you're looking for more educational information and resources about JUVIA, visit our page for healthcare professionals.

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