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“I can finally go back to dancing!” - Tacha’s story

If there is one thing we love here at JUVIA it is hearing the positive impact JUVIA has had on our users lives, and nothing speaks louder than a user testimonial, especially if its on video.

Today, we hear from Tacha, a wonderful lady that for a while enjoyed physical activities like dance, trapeze, and sports, but who unfortunately had to take a step back from her favourite activities because of tummy trouble. 

Fast-forward a few weeks after taking JUVIA and Tacha is building her confidence again to take centre stage. Tacha says “it is an encouraging relief to have a natural remedy to a problem that has held me back for so long”.

What is it like to have a sensitive tummy? 

We asked Tacha what it was like to have a sensitive tummy and she said it made her feel “lethargic, anxious, bloated, and constipated”. She said that she had been experiencing this in various degrees ever since she was a teenager. 

The main culprits for Tacha have been “carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, cakes, and even raw fruit”. Sadly, social meals were often uncomfortable and meant that Tacha had to either miss out or “suffer the consequences later”. Of all her favourite treats, she missed “crackers and cake” the most.

Tacha’s reason for trying JUVIA is because she has big plans to meet her sports and dancing goals. She used to practice ballet, trapeze, and salsa, and she misses being so physically active. 

Tacha has been taking JUVIA for around 3 months now and has noticed the difference. When we asked Tacha how long it was after taking JUVIA before she noticed a difference in her reaction to food, she said “the first week”. “There was no more pain, discomfort or bloating”. We are delighted for her. 

What are you most looking forward to?

Tacha is really excited about the future because she now feels free, able and confident to pursue her physical goals. She looks forward to getting back into shape and dancing the night away! 

These are the kinds of stories we love to hear. JUVIA lives for these moments and wants to touch the lives and tummies of people everywhere, so everyone can enjoy the foods and activities they love. 

Final Thoughts

We share these stories because they are encouraging. If you haven’t tried JUVIA yet, order some today. If you know of anyone that is currently being held back because of a sensitive tummy, share Tacha’s story and the many others that we have that are just like it; you will be giving your friends and loved ones the gift of freedom that they so desperately crave.
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