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Sarah holding JUVIA

“I didn't have to hide in the loo so much, or blame it on the dog” - Sarah’s Story

We are always keen to understand how JUVIA has impacted the lives of our users. Today, we hear from Sarah, who has suffered from gut trouble since she was a teenager. Unfortunately, Sarah’s condition has been exacerbated by long-COVID. Sarah says that the last 2 years were exceptionally difficult for her, but thanks to JUVIA, her gut trouble has settled down and she no longer faces the challenges she did before.

We asked Sarah the following questions. Here’s what she said.

What kind of gut trouble did you have?

Sarah said she has truly terrible gut trouble. “I'm currently struggling with long COVID [still in August 2023]. My immunity is at an all-time low”. Sarah’s abdomen was often sore and swollen. She frequently experienced difficulty passing stools (doing a poo) and sometimes had sickness and loose stools.

Sarah explained that she used to suffer from stomach cramps and her bloating made her look far less slender than she really was.

What triggered your gut difficulty?

Sarah said that being unable to eat balanced meals regularly and being unable to exercise contributed to her gut trouble. Her gut became particularly sensitive after COVID because she caught an infection that affected her immunity.

As we all now know, our gut regulates our immunity, so there is a viable link between gut trouble and other medical conditions.

How did you manage your gut issues?

Sarah said that she lived a minimalistic lifestyle with regard to her diet. She avoided gluten, tomatoes, orange juice, sugar, spicy foods, and especially alcohol. Sarah said, “There isn't anything that I haven't learned to live without. I have however now been pretty much alcohol-free for almost 2 years”.

That might not be a bad thing for gut and overall health, but it is a shame that she responds so acutely to things that she otherwise enjoys.

What was the hardest thing about having gut trouble?

Sarah said that she found socialising very hard. When asked what that was like, she said “I've avoided so many social occasions because I've been wary of how I've been feeling, or if I've needed a bathroom! I don't want to be taken short”.

More than this, Sarah is a carer for her son who has complex medical and special needs, but owing to her gut trouble, she was sometimes unable to provide the level of care he required. She said, “There have been occasions when I've felt like next to useless, doubled up in pain, or had to get another carer in so that I could lock myself in the bathroom”.

How has JUVIA helped you?

After taking JUVIA, Sarah noticed that she wasn’t bloating like she used to. Sarah said, “My stomach suddenly became flatter and my husband kept commenting on how slender I was looking”.’

Another positive impact was the lack of “invasive wind” that would often follow eating. Sarah said, “I felt far less bloated and I wasn't blowing off so didn't have to hide in the loo quite so much! (Or blame it on the dog if I couldn't run off in time)”. It sounds like everyone benefited from that change.

It seems that the biggest and most notable change is the lack of stomach cramps, which troubled Sarah deeply. Sarah said, “The stomach cramps were non-existent. That was a really big deal. I honestly can't remember the last time I didn't have bloating and cramps or spent at least an hour of the day on the loo or laid in my room feeling dreadful. It has honestly made the biggest change. It has brought a calm to my core”.

How long did it take to work?

One month!

Sarah said, “I can't lie - the first 3 or 4 weeks of settling in was quite an adjustment and I worried that it wasn't going to work for me. Then by the middle/end of week 4, it's like someone flicked a switch and suddenly things settled down”.

Sarah said that she took JUVIA as directed and made good use of our app until things settled down and she found it very useful. She says “I'm currently in month 4 and it's honestly been the most amazing change. I feel this sense of 'calm”.

Sarah says “thanks to JUVIA, I am starting to push myself outside of my comfort zone and it's certainly making things more manageable”.

How easily do you fit JUVIA into your routine?

Sarah says “Very easy - I keep the bottle in the fridge door and use it before lunch and dinner”. Most people like to mix their JUVIA with water or yoghurt, but Sarah is hardcore and enjoys JUVIA straight off the spoon.

Sarah found the app very helpful with regard to monitoring her food intake, JUVIA use and symptoms.

If you could describe your experience of JUVIA in just one sentence, what would it be?

When asked the question above, Sarah replied, “Bringing much-needed calmness to my core”.

Final thoughts

We are really happy that Sarah is able to enjoy a sense of calm without such intense gut troubles. Stories like this help to inspire our community to stick to the program because far too many people give up too quickly.

Sometimes, JUVIA does take a little while to take effect, but when it does, it makes all the difference. Sarah’s story is a classic example of the benefits that can be enjoyed if you don’t lose hope and see it through. After all, your gut didn’t become imbalanced overnight, so a little time is necessary to correct it.

If you suffer from gut trouble or know someone that does, then share this story and recommend JUVIA. 

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