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“I don’t have to wake up so early just so I can use the toilet” - Geli’s story

And, here we are with another testimonial from another happy JUVIA user.

Today, we have Geli, who has had tummy trouble ever since he was a little boy. We are glad to report that Geli no longer experiences the discomforts of old and he enjoys a new sense of freedom.

Geli told us that he remembers leaving school under the guise of being unwell just because of his sensitive tummy. His frequent use of the bathroom was a cause of distress and embarrassment. As an adult, he had it under better control, but that meant planning around toilet use, which meant skipping social events or restricting his diet days before going out or skipping some meals altogether. 

How has JUVIA made a difference in your life?

Geli says “JUVIA changed my life in the sense that I don’t have to wake up so early just so I can use the toilet and get everything out before I start my day so I don’t have to worry about using the toilet when I go out”.  

Geli said that he can get on with his day with ease and no longer worry about having to plan his work or travel around his toilet habits. He said “JUVIA has definitely simplified my life” and he no longer feels anxious or embarrassed when going out, especially to social meals.

What are you most looking forward to?

Geli is enjoying the changes that JUVIA has brought about and he is looking forward to seeing how things improve further with his continuous use. More than this, Geli is looking forward to travelling overseas in the near future, which is something he has always wanted to do, but felt apprehensive because of his toilet issue - especially considering the impact of foreign foods that his body is not used to. With JUVIA, Geli feels more comfortable to venture out and try new things.

Good on Geli, we love to hear a success story like this. JUVIA is more than just about improving your gut health, the effects of which appear invisible in some sense, but rather to see the tangible difference those improvements make in peoples lives. JUVIA is giving more and more people the freedom to enjoy their favourite foods, while not being held back from doing the things they have always dreamt about. 

Final Thoughts

You will be glad that you tried it. Don’t forget to spread the word. JUVIA is on a mission to help as many people as possible, so if you know someone that might benefit from JUVIA, do them the greatest favour and share our page with them.

Until next time, keep smiling.   

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