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Surviving The Night Shift - Jamie’s Story

Jamie, a night shift worker in a land Down Under, began experiencing gut trouble following heart surgery. His post-surgery medication disrupted his gut microbiome, which manifested in a hyperactive bowel. 

Jamie found himself urgently needing the toilet and without notice. This caused him difficulty at work as he often had to abandon his post in the venture of a porcelain alternative.

The good news is that Jamie’s gut health is getting back on track because he has been taking JUVIA. We asked Jamie a series of questions, and this is what he told us. 

How long have you had gut issues and what was the trigger?

“About 12-months. It started after heart surgery. My gut simply couldn’t handle the overload of heart and diabetes medication.”

What kind of symptoms did you have before taking JUVIA?

“I would face a very sudden need to use the toilet, often as much as four times in a single hour”. 

How did you manage those symptoms before taking JUVIA?

“I focussed on my diet and I tried changing the time that I took the medication”. 

What are some of the difficulties you faced because of your gut issues?

“I lost my job and I was worried about losing my new job. I have to be at my desk, especially when I am alone. I am not allowed to leave until another person is present, but when I had an urgent need to go to the toilet, I could not wait”. 

After taking JUVIA, how long was it before you noticed a difference?

“About 4 days, but I noticed that if I stop taking it or reduce my dose, my symptoms returned”. 

How would you describe your experience of taking JUVIA? 

“I have more control over my bowels, which is especially important when I am at work. I no longer have to panic because of a sudden need to go without prior warning. Also, my stools are more regular and solid now”. 

How do you take your JUVIA? 

“I take it straight out of the bottle because I like the taste, then I wash it down with some water. It’s a less accurate way of measuring the dose, but also less messy”. 

Final Thoughts 

So, here we have a more extreme example of how gut issues can disrupt your life. No one should suffer at work and certainly not lose their job over needing to use the bathroom. 

Jamie’s story may be extreme, but it is certainly not unique. There are people all over the world experiencing these kinds of symptoms and those are the people we want to reach the most. 

Luckily, JUVIA was able to turn things around for Jamie in just a few short days, but even Jamie learnt that you have to stick with JUVIA for its benefits to stick with him. Unfortunately, many folks experience the joys of an improved gut and then abandon the very practice that got them there, but it doesn’t work like that.

JUVIA works when you take it consistently as directed. It improves your gut health, and lets you enjoy all of your favourite foods, so what’s not to love about it? 

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