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“At my worst, I looked 6 Months Pregnant”- Nicola's Story

If you have ever experienced bloating you will know the discomfort and body shame that comes with it. Unfortunately, it is one of the most commonly complained about digestive symptoms and it can be quite debilitating.

This was true for Nicola, who suffered from extreme bloating whenever she was triggered by something she ate. Nicola said she experienced gut trouble “forever” and it interfered with her social life. The good news is that Nicola is now free from this plight and it only required taking JUVIA for a short few weeks.

Today, we share Nicola’s story, describing the difficulties she had before she discovered JUVIA. We asked Nicola a series of questions related to her tummy trouble and this is what she said…

What were your most uncomfortable symptoms?

Nicola said that she experienced an urgent need to use the toilet and extreme bloating. “at its worst I looked 6 months pregnant, it was incredibly embarrassing so I usually chose clothes to hide my tummy”. Nicola’s urgent need for the toilet was quite unpredictable and further impacted Nicola’s well-being because she was reluctant to stray too far from a bathroom when she experienced a flare-up.

How did your gut trouble impact your life?

Nicola expressed a lot of frustration about her symptoms. She said that although the symptoms would come and go, the anxiety concerning them remained and this prevented her from doing the things that she enjoyed. Nicola said “I felt nervous about going out and doing things over Christmas. Eating out was very stressful and I constantly questioned whether the food was going to make me bloat and leave me feeling unwell. In the end, I often decided it was not worth it and just stayed at home”.

Can you give an example of an uncomfortable encounter with a flare-up?

When asked this question, Nicola said “I had an awful experience at a Christmas party one year. I chose one of my favourite dresses and I was feeling good, but I must have eaten something that triggered my gut as I bloated rather suddenly. I felt so upset and self-conscious. My husband lent me his suit jacket to cover up and we left shortly after. I felt horrible.”

These symptoms are far more common than people realise for those who suffer from digestive issues. Luckily, life doesn’t have to be so limiting because JUVIA helps people navigate their digestive troubles with greater ease. And this has proven true for Nicola.

When did it begin to change for you?

Nicola said that after trying several remedies with little success, she decided to give JUVIA a try. What happened next, or better put, what didn’t happen next, was incredible. Nicola said, “Within days my toilet habits were noticeably better, which was a huge relief because I no longer had an urgent need to use the toilet. Then a couple of weeks later I noticed that I wasn’t bloated anymore. The bloating used to really bother me as it was painful and really embarrassing, but thanks to JUVIA, I’m not worrying about that anymore which is really freeing”.

What has been the best thing about taking JUVIA?

When asked this question, Nicole shared her sense of freedom with great enthusiasm. She said, “I feel much more relaxed about socialising and eating what I want when I’m out and about now; the idea of Christmas parties no longer fills me with dread”.

Final Thoughts

Feeling afraid of your own body or its reaction to foods you enjoy is really quite saddening. No one should feel limited by what they can eat or where they can go. Unfortunately, this is the unfortunate reality for many people who suffer from digestive issues.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be or stay this way. Those who try JUVIA and stick with it, find that their digestive complaints settle and they can go out without worry and also enjoy the foods they love without consequence - a double-whammy.

JUVIA’s gut-balancing formula is derived entirely from plants. Its unique formula ERME works to restore the natural balance of your gut microbiome. If you haven’t tried JUVIA yet, or you know someone who experiences digestive issues, then give them the gift of freedom by sharing Nicola’s story.

So, what are you waiting for? Try JUVIA today and be part of a movement that says yes to gut health and no to tummy trouble.

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