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I Ran To The Toilet As Fast As I Could - Daniel’s Story

 The anxiety it produced was debilitating and Daniel knew that something had to change. He had already given up pursuing his dream to be a police officer and his social life was beginning to rattle. This is Daniel’s story.

“At my worst, I looked 6 Months Pregnant”- Nicola's Story

If you have ever experienced bloating you will know the discomfort and body shame that comes with it. Unfortunately, it is one of the most commonly complained about digestive symptoms and it can be quite debilitating.

JUVIA Rebalanced My Life: Justin’s Story

JUVIA does so much more than rebalance your gut. For those who suffer from acute discomfort after eating, it rebalances their lives. This is true for Justin, who had immense gut trouble that revolved around an intense need to use the bathroom shortly after eating a ‘trigger-food’.

Surviving The Night Shift - Jamie’s Story

Jamie, a night shift worker in a land Down Under, began experiencing gut trouble following heart surgery. His post-surgery medication disrupted his gut microbiome, which manifested in a hyperactive bowel. 

“A Little Bottle Of Magic” - Nick’s Story

Unfortunately, for those who suffer from gut issues, dinner time, and especially meals out, can be a daunting torturous event. Nick’s story highlights the discomfort he experienced when having to decide whether to miss out completely by not attending social functions...

“A Lifeline At A Time of Despair” - Sarah’s Story

After hearing Sarah’s story it’s easy to appreciate that gut trouble can come from anywhere and wreak havoc in your system. The good news is that no matter the unlikely source, JUVIA has proven to be a useful aid in helping people to find their way back to a sense of normality

“My bloating has gone and my confidence has returned” - Robyn’s Story

Robyn had been experiencing gut trouble for about 3 years, but since taking JUVIA, she has been able to get her life back on track and trail as the true adventurer that she is.

“I didn't have to hide in the loo so much, or blame it on the dog” - Sarah’s Story

We are always keen to understand how JUVIA has impacted the lives of our users. Today, we hear from Sarah, who has suffered from gut trouble since she was a teenager.

“I can finally go back to dancing!” - Tacha’s story

Today, we hear from Tacha, a wonderful lady that for a while enjoyed physical activities like dance, trapeze, and sports, but who unfortunately had to take a step back from her favourite activities because of tummy trouble. 

“I don’t have to wake up so early just so I can use the toilet” - Geli’s story

And, here we are with another testimonial from another happy JUVIA user. Today, we have Geli, who has had tummy trouble ever since he was a little boy. We are glad to report that Geli no longer experiences the discomforts of old and he enjoys a new sense of freedom.

“I can finally have a honeymoon, thanks to JUVIA” - Janet’s story

If she ate the wrong thing, Janet would be racing toward the toilet with an urgency that made the thought of wearing a wedding dress and walking down the aisle seem like a nightmare to be avoided. 

“My stomach grumbles so loud it sounds like a fart” - Dee’s Story

Every now and again we like to interview our users and share their experiences.  Today, we are sharing Dee’s experience. Dee is a massage therapist that has battled with gut trouble for as long as he can remember. 

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