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“My bloating has gone and my confidence has returned” - Robyn’s Story

We love to hear that JUVIA has positively impacted someone’s life in a meaningful way, so today we share Robyn’s story.

Robyn had been experiencing gut trouble for about 3 years, but since taking JUVIA, she has been able to get her life back on track and trail as the true adventurer that she is.

We hope by sharing these stories we can give you the confidence to try something new, knowing that good times lie ahead.

We asked Robyn a series of questions about her symptoms, difficulties, and triggers and this is what she said…

What triggers your symptoms?

“Generally carbs, but specifically foods like pizza, which is a shame because I love pizza”.

When you have gut troubles, how does that feel in your body?

“I have a constant feeling of bloating and generally feeling uncomfortable. I also felt tired and lethargic, especially in the afternoons”.

How were you managing your symptoms before JUVIA?

“I avoided certain foods and wore baggy clothes that were more comfortable and conceal my bloating”.

How have your gut issues affected your life?

“We are a family that likes to hit the road to seek adventure. Since my gut issues emerged I have felt uncomfortable wearing casual clothes like t-shirts and jeans, and instead, I wear baggy clothes that make me feel less confident about my body. I avoid foods like pizza that I really enjoy - pizza was a weekend treat in our family and it upset me when I had to avoid it and miss out”.  

When did things start to change for you?

“After two weeks of taking JUVIA; I have been taking JUVIA for three months now and it’s a ‘game changer’”. 

How have things improved? 

“My bloating has gone and my confidence has returned. I can finally wear my normal clothes again and eat the foods that enjoy, especially pizza, which I love and missed so much. I no longer have to worry about the negative effects as I once did”. 

How easy is it to incorporate JUVIA into your life?

“It’s soooo easy, I can put it into smoothies, and breakfasts, and if I am ‘on-the-go’ I simply carry a bottle with me. I have found it so easy to incorporate without even thinking about it. It makes smoothies and water taste better”. 

In a word describe your experience of taking JUVIA…


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, another happy person that is free to enjoy their life and food without guilt, shame or embarrassment. Not everyone experiences tummy issues in the same way - there are certainly varying degrees of discomfort, but one thing is clear - no matter how tough it gets, JUVIA makes the difference that everyone is hoping for.

If you haven’t tried JUVIA yet, order some today and reclaim your life, confidence and your favourite foods, just as Robyn has. If you know others that are experiencing discomfort, then share Robyn’s story with them. Your friends and family will be forever grateful that you gave them their life back. 

Until next time, stay healthy.

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