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Gut Health

Your gut is the foundation of your overall well being, so rebalancing your gut is our priority

Powerhouse of Enzymes

JUVIA contains 15+ digestive enzymes which support many biochemical processes in your body

A Cocktail of Vitamins & Minerals

Including B12, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, metabolism, and immune system, and helps to reduce tiredness

Digestive health


Energy & Sleep

Nervous System

Stress & Mood


A healthy routine never felt better

If you do one thing every day to improve your well-being, make that JUVIA.

We’re all used to brushing our teeth twice a day to maintain our dental hygiene and avoid a trip to the dentist. Now it’s time to give your gut health the same attention. 

Consistent and long-term use of JUVIA will keep your microbiome in balance and support your digestion, mood, energy, immunity and overall well-being.

How it works
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Created as a result of decades of studies and cutting-edge scientific research carried out by our founders, world-leading Gastroenterologist, Professor John Hunter and expert gut scientist, Dr Rosemary Waring.



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✔️ Rebalance your gut within 12 weeks

✔️ 2 shots a day to be at your best, every day

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JUVIA was made for you

It’s all down to the trillions of bacteria in your gut that are nourished by the food you eat! JUVIA supports the good bugs and stops the bad ones, working naturally and holistically with your gut to reset and keep it balanced for the long haul. But it’s not a probiotic, there’s nothing else like JUVIA on the market!

Carbohydrates in your diet can cause many issues in your gut, such as bloating or irregular bowel habits, which can also affect the rest of your well-being. ERME (our unique, 100% natural ingredient) breaks down carbs, starving the bad bacteria of food, and allowing the good ones to thrive.

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