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Are Green Beans Good for IBS?

Gut health Green beans in a bowl

You have heard the song “beans, beans they’re good for your heart”, and it ends with a less than fortunate encounter on the toilet seat. While ther...

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Meditate Your Way To A Better Life

Mindfulness and wellbeing A lady meditating

What is meditation? We recently wrote a blog about the benefits of mindfulness, which included meditation. Today, we want to focus exclusively on m...

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Mindfulness And Meditation, The Path To Feeling Free

Mindfulness and wellbeing A lady sitting in front of a window holding a mug with her eyes closed

What is mindfulness?  You have probably heard of mindfulness; gurus and their free-spirited followers often cite it as their go-to ‘way of life’ pr...

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Melissa's Story

Success stories Melissa enjoying her freedom at the beach

It’s been 20 years of gut issues for Melissa. She has had a number of investigations and tried different diets and remedies, but the discomfort and...

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Liam's Story

Success stories Free man in front of a sunset

Gut issues have caused Liam 14 years of discomfort and embarrassment. “At its worst, I’ve been admitted to hospital and given strong medication to ...

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Well, well, well... what are wellness and wellbeing, anyway?

Mindfulness and wellbeing Lady doing her stretches outside looking happy

These days, you hear about 'wellness' pretty much everywhere. Physical wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness, spiritual wellness, cultural ...

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Stress and digestive issues: how are they related?

Mindfulness and wellbeing Painful tummy resulting from stress

Even once you understand what stress is, it can be tough to know how to manage it, and how to recognise the symptoms. The signs of stress can take ...

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